Lo que quedo afuera de -SW TLJ-


  • Rey arrived on Ahch-To right before Luke Skywalker donned his Jedi robes, where he was going to burn down the tree and the ancient Jedi texts.
  • Luke and R2-D2 searched for ancient Jedi history and lore over two decades.
  • Kylo Ren smiles victoriously at Rey when her escape pod lands on the Supremacy.
  • He says, once again, that the Skywalker lightsaber is his. Rey informs Kylo Ren that the weapon “called out” to her at Maz’s castle.
  • Kylo Ren saw a glimpse of Rey’s past when they touched hands.
  • Just before the duo arrives inside of Snoke’s throne room, Rey realizes Kylo’s unbalanced emotions are about his feelings for her.
  • Rey is mesmerized and fixated on Snoke’s eyes — much like the Dark Side cave on Ahch-To.
  • She considers looking for more answers on her past, by using Snoke’s knowledge, but resists.
  • Snoke arrogantly meditates about visions of the future and his own immense power.
  • When Snoke was young, he learned that the future is always in motion. “Be careful or die.”
  • Now wise and old, he realizes Force visions are often incomplete.
  • Snoke has murdered and destroyed legions of countless adversaries, who underestimated him in time’s past.
  • Snoke was an unexpected leader of the First Order.
  • Imperial leadership who survived the Battle of Jakku did not foresee his rise to power.
  • Gallius Rax, Sloane, the political lunatic Ormes Apolin or even Brendol Hux did not see this rise coming.
  • The Supreme Leader either killed them or arranged for their death himself. Only Armitage Hux (general Hux from The Last Jedi ) is spared, but Snoke only uses him as a tool.
  • The rise of the First Order was more opportunistic for Snoke, and not his grand plan.
  • Emperor Palpatine’s contingency, Operation Cinder, was engineered to destroy the Empire upon his death and bring forth a rebirth of it, stronger than it was before. Snoke used that to his advantage, with Darth Sidious unaware that Snoke would be the one to see it through.
  • Darth Sidious sensed Snoke through the Force before his death but was not sure exactly what he was sensing.
  • After the destruction of the Empire; shipyards, laboratories, and storehouses in the Unknown Regions built up weaponry for The First Order.
  • The brilliance, knowledge, and foresight of Snoke rescued the First Order from many enemies.
  • Snoke discovered many truths about the Force in the Unknown Regions, which were waiting to be found.
  • Snoke respects the fact that Luke sought out the same sort of knowledge and truth on his Jedi quests.
  • Anakin and Luke both were instruments of the Cosmic Force.
  • Luke, at one point during his search for Jedi lore, connected with Snoke to gain knowledge of the Force. It’s unsure if Luke knew of Snoke’s evil intentions or not.
  • Snoke does not need Rey for her powers like Sidious did with Luke, but, he muses that she would have been a worthy apprentice in his past endeavors.
  • Even though Snoke claims that Kylo Ren has redeemed himself, his use for Kylo is over — due to his unstable nature within the Force.
  • Snoke contemplates that after Kylo Ren kills Rey and the Resistance is destroyed, he’ll re-think Kylo’s future or even kill him.
  • When Snoke reveals that he was the one to connect Rey and Kylo Ren through the Force, he notices Kylo’s surprise reaction to that very truth.
  •  Snoke believes Kylo Ren is capable of greatness if he entirely turns away from the Light Side.


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